It is dinner time for baby Hazel and her mom is about to serve the food she prepared. The little girl is still playing with her friends in the dining room and their toys are spread all over the table. Send her friends home and help baby Hazel clear the table to make room for the dinner dishes. Place the teddy bear and the doll in the toy box, put the laptop and the smartphone next to the plasma TV and the story book on the shelf. Turn off the TV using the remote controller and place it by the other gadgets. Now that the table is cleared, it is time for baby Hazel to eat her dinner. Help her learn the proper dining manners and show the cute girl how to set the table. Place the plate, soup bowl, forks, knifes and spoons on their right places. The vegetable soup, fish, rice, chicken and dessert must be placed in the middle of the table. Teach the cute girl the dining manners and enjoy the delicious food with her. Have fun playing this brand new management game!