Baby Hazel is playing in the bedroom with her cute toys. The cute princess has some candies around and she cannot resist the temptation of eating one. She just got a bad toothache as a result and now she must be taken to the dentist. She needs a dental care treatment at once at the medical clinic. Be baby Hazel's dentist and treat her toothache. Place her on the chair, put an apron around her neck and make her happy giving her various toys. Open up her mouth and check her teeth. Make her gargle with mouth freshener. The little girl's toothache is almost gone. Brush her teeth using tooth paste and an electric tooth brush. Massage her teeth with a scrubber and her gums with a gum massages. Next use the polisher to polish the teeth. Check her teeth to make sure they are clean now. Take the little princess back home and follow the doctor's dental hygiene advice reading the book the baby received from the dental clinic. Have fun playing this brand new baby game!