Baby Hazel loves watching her mom cook in the kitchen. She picked up a few cooking tips and she even knows how to make some tasty snacks. Her mom is not home right now and baby Barbie is hungry. You are there to take care of the little girl until her parents get home. Enjoy a fun cooking time with baby hazel helping her prepare delicious food. Take her shopping at the supermarket for the right ingredients and cooking tools. Buy butter, sliced ham, grated cheese, bread, eggs, fruits, veggies, baking tray, whisk and so on. Find out what the baby girl fancies for today's cooking time and get to work. Prepare yummy snacks and mini dishes with the pretty girl following the cooking steps. Enjoy the cooked food with baby Hazel and her family. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new baby game! Continue the cooking time playing Baby Barbie Cake Surprise, Baby Barbie Pizza Maker and Baby Barbie Cake Shop!