Baby Hazel has been invited to a beach party. Her cousins and a few other kids will be there as well. Eating delicious food, drinking refreshing juice, singing, dancing and playing in the sand are the main attractions. It sounds like lots of fun, so why don't you join Hazel and her friends? Help her prepare for the beach party doing her hair and nails. Which dress should she wear? Try on the pretty dresses she has in her closet and pick the cutest one. Pack a second dress in her bag together with a few other things such as sun tanning lotion and blanket. Accompany the baby girl to the beach party venue and get ready to dance on the drum beats. Stay tuned for many more surprises. Baby Hazels must change her clothes, so give her a helping hand with that. Don't let her eat too many candies and cakes or she will get sick. Fulfill all her needs and make her happy. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new baby games for girls!