The bathroom is a complete mess so baby Hazel and her mom are cleaning it up. Bathroom hygiene, just like dental or personal hygiene, is very important. Help baby Hazel make her bathroom spotless. Begin with the floor and the clogged sink washing them with a disinfecting solution and sponge. They look much better now and little Hazel can wash her hands in the freshly cleaned and germs free washbasin. Next on the list is the toilet which smells horribly. Use the proper tools and supplies to clean up the toilet,then move on to the bathtub. An air freshener will make the room smell lovely. Baby Hazel has learned that flushing the toilet and washing hands afterwards are mandatory bathroom hygiene activities. The cute baby girl has a healthy lifestyle and living in a clean and fresh environment is part of it. Follow her example and have a fabulous time playing our brand new baby game!