Baby Hazel and her parents have chosen a trip to the African safari as their summer holiday destination. This is their first family vacation abroad and they are very exited about it. This adventure in the wilderness sounds like lots of fun, but there are dangers lurking at every step. The African jungle is the dwelling place of many wild animals which baby Hazel has only seen on TV. Now the little girl will see real lions, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, zebras and buffaloes at a very close distance. The family are camping in a safari tent and they are ready to have their dinner. Mom makes a soup, dad reads a book and Hazel plays with her kitty cat pet when a cold wind starts blowing. Who knows what other surprises the African safari has in store for them? A camp fire will be of great help keeping the wild beasts away and the family safe from danger. Watch over the cute baby girl and make her trip to Africa a pleasant experience. Don't let her get lost in the dangerous jungle! Have a fantastic time playing our brand new baby game!