Baby Hadley is too young to look after himself and he needs a skilled babysitter to do that for him. Take care of the cute baby supervising his daily activities. Something smells really bad and it can only mean one thing. He needs his diaper changed asap. Place little Hadley on the table and put a blanket under him. Remove the used diaper, wipe the area, use body powder, then wrap up a new diaper around his waist. Don't make him cry while you change his diaper. If he starts crying, give him lots of hugs and kisses or sing him a song. The baby wants to play with his toys, so have fun fetching him the toys he wants. Play with the ball, teddy bear, duck, caterpillar, train and other cute toys. He is very happy when someone talks to him as well. Read him a cute fairytale story for example, tell him a joke or a riddle, or make some funny face grimaces. Have fun playing this brand new baby game!