The weather is unpredictable and the sudden temperature changes can cause health problems. This cute baby girl got a terrible flu after playing outside with her friends. All that running around made her sweat and then the rain caught her. The next morning she woke up with runny nose, sneezing and coughing. The cute baby girl is at the hospital now being treated for her flu symptoms. Help her recover from her illness, so she can join her friends again. Check her body temperature and her heart beat. Take a look at her body pressure. Treat her cold with a flu injection. The baby girl cannot breath properly, so use a nasal spray to solve this problem. Wipe her runny nose with tissue paper. Give her coughing syrup to cure her coughing. The little girl will be back on her feet in no time and she can resume her active daily life thanks to your caring skills. Enjoy playing our brand new baby game!