Baby Barbara played with her friends outside in the snow. She ran around, made lots of snowballs and a snowman, had a snowball fight with her bffs, sweated and got lots of snow inside her clothes and shoes. At the end of this fun winter playtime, she fell sick with a terrible flu. Her parents took her to the hospital as her situation got worse by the minute. Be Barbara's nurse and take care of her flu as the doctor instructed. Check the baby's body temperature using a thermometer. Check her heart beat using the stethoscope. The little girl has breathing problems, so apply nasal spray. Take care of her bad coughing having her drink a few spoons of coughing syrup. Check Barbara's oxygen level using the oxygen mask and wipe her running nose using paper tissues. Have you ticked all the points on the doctor's list? All the flu symptoms are gone now thanks to your excellent nursing skills and the cute baby is now well and back on her feet. Have fun playing this brand new management game!