Baby Fairy Jasmine is at the hair salon with her mom. The little girl is getting a new hairstyle to keep in trend with the latest fashion. She also needs a hair care treatment for her damaged split ends. You are the hairdresser on duty today and your task is to make the baby fairy beautiful. Begin the makeover with the care treatment, using magical water and nourishing oil. Distract the baby fairy with toys, juice and lollipops. Little Jasmine is afraid of scissors so you must calm her down with a cute rattle toy and some milk. Give her a pretty haircut using a comb and salon scissors, making the baby happy. Next, it is time for a bubble bath, so place the little fairy in the foaming bath tub, full of colorful balls. Wash Jasmine with shampoo, conditioner, soap and bathing brush. Enjoy playing this brand new baby game!