Baby Emma has arrived at your hair salon with her mom. She needs a new haircut and you are the one to give it to her. Begin the makeover with washing, drying and combing her long hair. Make it soft and silky washing it with special salon shampoo and conditioner. Keep the length cutting only a few inches from the front and back ends. Clean up the cut locks using a thick brush. Baby Emma has natural curls and a wavy hairstyle will look amazing on her. You can also go for a straight haircut or a braided bun. Use those pink bow ribbons to make two cute pony tails. The baby girl is very happy with her new hairstyle and she looks forward to showing it to her friends. She must take good care of her new hairdo protecting it with hydrating masks, argan oil and illuminating serums. All these hair care products have a shiny smoothness effect. Have a wonderful time playing our hot new baby game!