Baby Emma is at the bridal salon with her mom looking for gorgeous wedding dresses to wear this Saturday. The little girl will be a bridesmaid paving the way for the bride on the way to the altar with flower petals. The bridal shop has dozens of beautiful children's clothes and accessories. Emma fancies lots of dresses and she is eager to try them on. Dress up the cute baby girl in dozens of elegant bridesmaid outfits and pick the prettiest one for her to wear at the wedding. That white princess bride dress suits her perfectly. Accessorize it with the right shoes, jewelries and hair band or princess tiara. The pastel pink gown looks as adorable. How about a blue, orange or purple dress instead? Mix and match tops and skirts in fashionable bridesmaids outfits as well. It is going to be a hard decision, but I am sure you will make the best dress up choice and baby Emma will look astonishing. Enjoy playing our brand new baby game!