Baby Elsa is old enough to go to the bathroom by herself. The baby girl is an independent spirit and she wants to learn to do lots of things without the help of her parents. Potty train is one of them. Baby Elsa wants you to teach her how to go potty. Potty train begins with using the toilet. Flushing the toilet is next, followed by hands washing. It is very important for baby Elsa to remember these potty train steps. She must always wash her hands well with soap and water after going to the bathroom. Having a toy to play with or a book to read while on the toilet is a great idea. That Olaf toy and a comic book with lovely Frozen pictures will make the potty train experience super fun and pleasant. Baby Elsa is very happy she ticked this activity off her must learn how to do list. Now she can concentrate on dressing up in girly cute modern Frozen outfits. Have a fab time playing our brand new baby game!