This little baby girl loves spending time with her mom. Her favorite game is to rummage in her mother's closet trying on her clothes, shoes and make up. She just spotted her mom's nails kit and she is fascinated by all the manicure tools and the lovely nail polish colors. The cute baby asked her mom to do her manicure, but her mom is busy cooking the Easter dinner in the kitchen. Why don't you do her nails instead, girls? Show the little girl how to get a fabulous nail salon manicure. Clean the nails, cut them using the clipper, file them and apply a hand cream. Continue the makeover creating lots of trendy cute Easter designs mixing gorgeous nail polish colors, patterns and gemstones. Select the prettiest design for the baby girl to wear on the Easter Day and add a girly chic ring, bracelet and outfit. Have an amazing time playing our brand new baby game!