Baby Alice is eager to go hunting for her Easter eggs. Before doing so, there are a couple of things she must do. Actually you have to do them for Alice, as she is too little to handle them. Prepare the cute baby girl for the Easter Day with a fabulous bath. Make lots of soap bubbles in the bathtub filled up with warm water, so Alice has something to play with. She needs her bath toys as well. Wash her hair and body, rinse off the foam and dry her with a towel. Dress up the baby in a super cute Easter bunny outfit. Choose the clothes and accessories you like the most and make her look adorable in her pretty bunny costume. Alice is hungry after all that bathing and dressing up, so cook her something to eat, making sure she does not spill any food on her new attire. Now she is ready to go egg hunting. Help her find as many hidden eggs as possible. Enjoy playing our brand new baby game!