Baby Agnes is an adorable toddler with a great passion for sweets and candies. Whenever she is left unsupervised, she is up for mischief. She crawls to the sweets shelf and grabs whatever she can get her little hands on. All these lollipops, cookies and chocolate bars have greatly damaged the baby's teeth and now little Agnes must go to the dentist. She promises to be a good girl and stay away from the sweet temptations from now on if you fix her bad teeth. Make her dentist day experience pleasant treating her caries in a gentle and caring way. Brush her teeth first with tooth paste and tooth brush, then use the professional dentist utensils. Remove the dental caries, plague and stains. Take out the really damaged teeth and place new ones instead. Finish your dentist makeover with a whitening treatment. In order for baby Agnes to have perfect teeth, she must wear braces. Pick a pair of fancy colorful braces and apply it on her healthy looking teeth. Have a great time playing our brand new baby game!