It is a marvelous day today but baby Alice cannot enjoy it because of a nasty toothache. Her mom must get her ready for the dentist's appointment. Little Alice needs her hair washed and her diaper changed. She also needs a pretty outfit to wear at the doctor's cabinet. Give the cute baby girl a fabulous bath, playing with her bathtub toys and making lots of bubbles to distract her attention from the tooth pain. Dry her hair well with the blow dryer so she does not catch a cold when she goes outside. Change the baby's diaper and don't forget to hydrate her skin with body oil. Massage the oil properly to prevent it from staining the clothes. Dress up Alice in a casual chic outfit, selecting the clothing items, shoes and accessories you like the most. Treat her bad teeth problems and get rid of the annoying and painful ache. Some dental hygiene advice will be mostly welcome. Have an awesome time playing our brand new baby game, ladies!