It is ball night and baby Cinderella looks forward to getting to the castle and meeting the prince. Her step sisters tried to delay her as much as possible giving her various house chores to do. Cinderella managed to finish them and she barely has a few minutes to prepare for the ball. Her fairy godmother is not around to help her with her magic, so she relies on you, girls! Give the beautiful baby a fantastic ball makeover. She needs a shower after all that hard work. Fill up the bathtub with lots of bubbles and toys. Wash Cinderella's hair with magic shampoo and conditioner. When you are done with bathing the little princess, rummage in her wardrobe for the most gorgeous princess outfit. Dress up the baby in a pretty dress, shoes and jewelries. Decorate her shoes in a chic and stylish way. Use the godmother's wand to turn a pumpkin lying on the road in a stunning fairytale carriage, which will take Cinderella to her destination. Have fun playing our brand new baby game!