Baby Cinderella cannot stay away from her mom's fabulous fairytale closet. She loves trying on dresses, jewelries and shoes. She spotted a gorgeous pair of red high heels which look amazing worn with her pretty princess dress. Wearing a bigger size is not a good idea for a little girl and accidents may happen. The baby princess fell off and injured her knee. She needs a doctor's attention to take care of the bleeding wound. Be Cinderella's doctor and treat her knee injury. Cut her pretty stockings and clean the area, removing debris and wood nails. Sterilize the wound to prevent infection and clean up the blood. Apply a healing cream before covering the injury with medical bandage. Baby Cinderella will know better next time and she will only wear her shoe size from now on. Surprise her with lots of stunning pairs of girly chic shoes and sandals, designed and decorated by you! Have fun playing our brand new baby game!