Baby Jack is a cute red haired Irish boy with lots of energy. He is always cheerful and makes you laugh with his cute face grimaces. The little boy is not big enough to take care of himself, so he heeds you to help him out with his daily activities. Baby Jack just woke up and he is having his morning meal now. Prepare his yummy breakfast, mixing milk and cereal in a bowl. Use the spoon to feed the cute boy, then give him some water to drink. Wipe his mouth with a towel to clean off the crumbs. His stomach is full, so how about a bath next? Fill up the bathtub with water, soap bubbles and toys. When the bathing time is over, place baby Jack in his crib and get him ready for bedtime. Wipe and dry his body, apply oil lotion and body powder, change his diaper and give him the toys he wants to sleep with. Give him lots of hugs and kisses before he falls asleep. Dress up the boy in pretty clothes and accessories as well. Have fun playing our brand new baby game!