It is baby Bonnie's birthday today and her parents are throwing a fabulous birthday party. All her play mates from the hood and kindergarten are invited and they should arrive any minute now. There will be lots of toys to play with, delicious party food and drinks and a mouth watering birthday cake. Baby Bonnie cannot wait to blow the cake candles and make a wish. Her parents bought her a cute and fashionable bumble bee costume for this birthday and she will wear her new clothes and accessories at the party. Before turning into a fancy bumble bee, the little girl needs a nice bath and diaper change. Fill up the bathtub with water and soap bubbles, wash the baby with water and shampoo, then dry her well. Use a blow dryer to dry her hair and a soft towel for the body. Follow the standard diaper change procedures to place a new clean diaper around her waist. Dress up Bonnie in her pretty bumble bee outfit, accessorizing it with a trendy hairdo and studs. Have a great time playing our brand new baby game!