Baby Bonnie is sick with flu and she needs your caring attention to get better. She is not feeling well at all and you can see that just looking at her pale, blue skin tone color. Catching a cold is an ugly business and it can be quite dangerous for a baby if left untreated. Bring the red blush back on cute Bonnie's cheeks. Take care of the little blue with the flu patient. Take her temperature and put a cold water compress on her forehead. Change the baby's used diaper and put on a new one. Wipe the area before that and add a bit of body powder. Prepare a warm tea with honey for her to drink. Some vitamins and a coughing syrup will be of great help against the nasty flu as well. Dress up little Bonnie in warm cotton clothes, socks, shoes and hats. Get her ready for bedtime and keep a close eye on her while she sleeps. A good nap will help her recover faster. Have a great time playing our brand new baby game!