Baby Bonnie has a true passion for dancing. She is just a few years old and she can barely walk, but she masters some great dance moves already. Her parents have enrolled her in a ballet class for little children and today the cute girl is having her first lesson. Prepare baby Bonnie for her first steps towards becoming a successful ballerina. Give her a warm bath washing her hair and body. Dry her with a towel before changing the diaper and applying body lotion. The little girl loves pink and a pink ballerina attire will look extraordinary on her. Dress up the baby in a pretty ballet top, skirt and socks or leggings. She looks like a little princess with that curly blonde Barbie hair. Don't forget her pink shoes and the magic wand! Accessorize her outfit with a hair band or hair pin and a cute pacifier. Have a great time playing our brand new dress up game for girls!