Children bathe before going to bed. Sometimes they cannot wait to have a nice warm shower or tub bath in the evening. Other times their parents must drag them in the bathroom. This cute baby girl loves having her bath each night before bedtime. It is a true delight for her to get into the tub and fill it up with warm water. She has a fun play time surrounded by lots of soap bubbles, toys and flower petals. With all this entertainment around her, she forgets to wash herself. Can you wash her hair and body? Apply a baby shampoo on her hair and rinse it off with water. Use body soap to wash her neck and arms. Don't let her stay for too long in the tub though. Dry her body with a towel, dry her wet hair with a blow dryer, change her diaper, use baby oil and powder for a smooth and hydrated skin. Dress the little girl in pretty and comfy pajamas and play with her a bit before bedtime. Have fun playing this brand new baby game!