Baby Barbie and baby Ken are in your care today. Their parents must attend a VIP event and they want you to babysit their precious son and daughter. Take care of the cute toddler babies until Barbie and Ken return. Play with the babies, bathe and feed them, change their diapers and dress them up. Baby Barbie has a sensitive skin. Apply baby oil for hydration. Baby Ken needs medical care as he was just stung by a bee. Treat the wounds on his body using the proper medication and ointments. Dress up baby Barbie and baby Ken in adorable outfits such as princess or prince. Get them ready for a fun playtime and fetch them baby safe toys to play with. Enjoy playing our brand new baby game! Continue the fun playing Baby Barbie Chickenpox Attack, Baby Barbie Ballet Injury and Baby Barbie Hobbies Frozen Tshirt baby games!