Baby Ariel spends lots of time in front of the mirror brushing her long and tangled red hair. She fancies a change of look, so a trip to the hair salon is mandatory. You are an expert hair stylist and your task is to give the little mermaid a trendy new haircut. A shorter hairstyle is what Ariel has in mind. Use your cutting and styling tools to create gorgeous real haircuts. Experiment with a new hair dye or try colorful highlights. Will blonde, green or blue suit her better? Does the baby mermaid look better with curls or a straight hairdo? Spray some magic pearl dust to give your real haircuts a strong hold. The little princess is eager to see her new look, so make her happy with a pretty hair makeover. Baby Ariel will have more time to play with her friends now thanks to you. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new baby game!