Baby Alice celebrated her birthday yesterday and she had a fabulous birthday party. All her friends were invited, there was lots of food, drinks and desserts, as well as fun playtime activities and games. She received tones of presents wrapped up in lovely colored gift paper. When the party was over, a huge mess was left behind all over the house. The living room, kitchen and her bedroom can be compared to the aftermath of a hurricane that just passed by. Help baby Alice clean up her home after the awesome birthday party. Have fun with the cute baby girl cleaning up the living room first. Gather the toys scattered on the floor, tidy the furniture, place the books on the shelves, remove the garbage and clean up the paintings on the walls. Move on to the kitchen where you must wash the dirty dishes, sweep the floor, throw the food and drinks leftovers in the trash bin, organize the cooking tools and place the remaining party food and desserts in the fridge. Alice's bedroom is next so have a great time playing our brand new baby game!