Baby Alice is excited to spend the weekend at the farm of her dear grandparents. She visits them as often as possible, being accompanied by her mom and dad. The little girl loves playing with the farm animals and helping with various house chores. Life at the farm looks amazing for baby Alice as there is always something to do, so one never gets bored. Experience the countryside life with the pretty baby girl helping her take care of the adorable farm animals. Grouping them is the first task on the list. Next, help Alice care for the cute chicken, ducks, sheep, cows and pigs. How many sheep and pigs live at the ranch? Spot all animals and gather them in groups. Take the cows to the stables. Where do the chicken dwell? Feed the animals in turn and collect dairy products such as fresh milk and eggs. Finish all tasks and be rewarded for your hard work at the ranch. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new baby game! Check out Baby Barbie Pet Hospital baby game as well! Enjoy!