Baby Alice is very good at making things. She is in the mood for a fun craft time. This time she plans on making some cute figurines with her friend Jack. Join the kids on this fun craft adventure and have a wonderful time playing with them. Go shopping for the necessary tools and materials first. Fill up the trolley with the objects little Alice points out to. Help her buy glue, paper, eggs, sticks, paintbrushes, pencils, beans and so on. The cute baby girl will show you how to make funny craft characters, so get to work! Start by making little holes in the eggs, then fill them up with beans. Place a stick inside each egg and glue it at the bottoms. Play the rest of the game to find out the outcome. Alice and Jack will surely enjoy your company, but don't keep them waiting for too long, as they might get bored and start crying. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new baby game!