Baby Alice loves nature. Her parents often take her to the mountains, seaside or the local park for a picnic. It is a great day for camping and the pretty girl knows the best camping spot. Join baby Alice and her parents on a fun camping trip outdoors. Enjoy the scenery, fresh air, quietness and varied camping activities. First you must set the tent. Baby Alice is too little to do it herself but she knows the steps. Arrange the tent on the ground and hammer the poles with stakes, so the wind does not blow it away. Once the camping area is built, how about making a camp fire and preparing some delicious food? Go fishing with baby Alice on the nearby lake and catch lots of fish for cooking on the camp fire. Some friends of the baby girl have arrived as well. The more the merrier. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new baby game! Check out Baby Barbie Allergy Attack and Baby Barbie Superhero Costumes baby games too!