Baby Alice is on vacation at the seaside with her parents. It is the first day of the amazing summer vacation and the baby girl cannot wait to get to the beach. Enjoy a sensational beach day with baby Alice and her family. Help her unpack the basket. Set the blanket on the sand and add the other items. Baby Alice brought lots of toys with her at the beach. Arrange the big umbrella for a bit of shade next to the blanket. Keep the food and drinks away from the hot sun rays. Go seashells picking with adorable baby Alice and make a lovely seashell necklace out of them. Make a gorgeous sand castle with lots of towers and decorations. The little girl fancies a fairytale princess castle. Get fab sand castle building ideas playing Baby Barbie Princess Dollhouse baby game! Cute Alice is on her first day at the beach and she already made new friends. The girls had a delicious meal, but now they must clean up the mess. Collect all food trash cleaning up the beach. Enjoy playing our brand new baby game! Play the best baby games on!