Every girl dreams of visiting an amazing planet. Cute baby Alice wants to go to Mars and discover a few mysteries about this great planet. She needs to prep for the journey in space and she has lots of plans and things to buy. Join her in the very fun game called Baby Alice Astronaut and help her now! Go to the space store and buy the items she needs to build the rocket ship and the spacesuit. She will need a special material, pencil, glue, brush and paint for the rocket. Add the boots, space suit and gloves in the cart and pay all the items. In Baby Alice Astronaut you can now build the rocket ship by cutting the material in to the specific shapes and then glue them together. Add a few gadget inside which are needed for navigation and decorate it. Apply paint on each part of the rocket and let it dry. Go in to space and enjoy the stars and planets in the game called Baby Alice Astronaut!