This bride is having her wedding in autumn and she is very happy about it. She wants everything to be perfect on her wedding day. The wedding ceremony, the vows, the reception decor, the menu and the music are all under control. The only thing that is not under control is the ugly face acne which keep bothering the autumn bride. To get rid of it, she needs a special kind of facial beauty treatment, which uses cleansing foam, acne mask, essence, toner and cream. Apply all these beauty cosmetics on the girl's face and make her skin look radiant and spotless. Finish the treatment with an eyebrows plucking. The autumn bride wants her wedding dress to be special and in accordance with the autumn colors. Yellow, cream, nude or pastel colors are a great alternative to the traditional white wedding dress. Finish her makeover with a stunning wedding make up, hairstyle and outfit. Enjoy playing this brand new facial beauty game!