American actress Ashley Greene has become famous for her role in the Twilight Saga movie series, where she played Alice Cullen. As a vampire, Alice had to use her teeth and especially her fangs regularly to be able to feed herself. The vampire cutie woke up one night with a really annoying toothache and now here she is at the dentist to have her bad teeth repaired. Vampires have teeth issues just like humans and they need a skilled dentist to take care of their damaged fangs. A white and perfect smile is very important for a Hollywood actress like Ashley Greene and a vampire diva like Alice. Make both of them happy fixing the dental hygiene problems. Use the dentist utensils which any teeth doctor has in his cabinet and make wonders with them. Replace the falling teeth with new ones, remove the stains and black spots, get rid of the caries and the bad breath. Have fun playing this new celebrity dentist game!