Disney mermaid Ariel wishes to be a normal princess with two legs instead of a fish tail. Her wish can come true with the use of magic and a leg surgery. Grant Ariel's wish preparing the correct magic potion that will transform her mermaid fish tail into real legs. Begin the leg surgery applying the magic potion all over the fish tail. It will transform it into legs. Use a surgical scalpel to separate the legs. Remove any remaining scales covering the legs. Give princess Ariel a pair of beautiful and attractive legs. Fix her toes with a pedicure session. Cut them with nail clipper, file and decorate them with trendy nails designs. Ariel's real princess makeover is now complete. The Disney mermaid is extremely pleased with her new look. How about a dress fitting session next? Dress up Ariel in elegant short dresses so that she can show off her gorgeous new legs. Will she be able to walk on high heel shoes? Have a fabulous time playing Ariel's Leg Surgery!