Disney princess Ariel has never been to a spa salon before. The perfect occasion has come up and she is eager to spend a whole day at the spa. She wants to look fresh and beautiful for a ball taking place tonight. Enjoy a fantastic day with Ariel and be the first one to give the mermaid princess a fabulous spa makeover. Begin with her fancy mermaid tail and massage it with magic lotions and creams. Applying pearl dust will give her fish tail a sparkling look. Massage her mermaid body with lots of magic potions and unicorn oils. Ariel's gorgeous hair is tangled and messy. Untangle it and make it shine with a hair care treatment. Give princess Ariel a stunning royal hairstyle, adding a flawless fairytale make up and outfit to complete her ball makeover. The Disney mermaid will look amazing and she will surely want to repeat this awesome experience again. Have a great time playing our brand new spa game!