It is time for a new cooking show season and this pretty chef girl wants to impress the jury with her fabulous apple piglet recipe. She wants to be the next master chef and she is confident that she will win this year. Help her prepare her yummy dish arranging the ingredients on the plate. Choose the plate you like the most, then place a layer of green lettuce leaves on it and another layer of cut veggies or fruits for a colorful aspect. Add some mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard before placing the cooked piglet. Pick the best looking apple and place it in the piglet's mouth. Finish by sprinkling some more colorful food decoration on top of the dish. A dessert would make a great side order, so how about some delicious cupcakes, an ice cream or a slice of cake? If the girl's dish tastes as good as it looks, she is sure to make a great impression. Have a great time playing this new cooking game!