Elisabeth lives at a beautiful farm in the countryside with her family. They have a big orchard with lots of fruits and veggies. Elisabeth eats fresh fruit every day and she especially likes apples. She asked her mom to bake a yummy apple bundt cake today made with fresh apples which she just picked from their garden. She loves cooking and she wants to be a pastry chef one day, just like Barbie pastry chef, who just opened her first pastry shop. Elisabeth knows this great cake recipe by heart and she wants to share it with you, so that you can also enjoy it with family and friends. First she must peel off the fruit and grate it. She mixes butter, sugar and two eggs in a bowl. Then she adds flour, salt, cinnamon, apple juice and the grated fruit. Thus the cake dough is ready and it will be placed in a shaped tray to be baked in the oven. Have fun playing this new cooking game!