Dorothy found a brand new dessert recipe this week on the internet and she is cooking it right now. The ingredients are ready on the kitchen table, but there is something missing in the picture. Dorothy likes having company when she cooks in the kitchen and today there is nobody at home. Have a fabulous cooking and chatting time with Dorothy while helping her make a tasty apple and walnut cake. Mix the ingredients according to her cooking directions. In a bowl add flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, vanilla extract, sugar, eggs, water and oil. Blend them up using a mixer. Add sliced apples and chopped walnuts to the mixture and blend again. Pour the cake dough in a baking tin and bake it in the oven. Top up the cake with milk and then enjoy eating it. Serve it after your family Sunday lunch or dinner and surprise your loved ones with this new mouth watering dessert. Bon apettit and have fun playing this brand new cooking game!