Frozen Anna had an extremely busy week helping her sister Elsa rule the kingdom. She deserves a relaxing day at the spa to regain her beauty and energy. Pamper the Frozen princess with a fabulous spa makeover. Begin with a body massage using magic potion lotions, creams and masks. Make her skin soft and radiant applying each beauty product at a time. Use ice cubes instead of hot rocks for the last part of the massage session. Anna fancies a facial beauty treatment as well to give her face a new fresh look. Clean her skin complexion with magic Frozen cleanser and scrub, continue with toner, illuminating serum and face cream. Don't forget the beauty masks! Princess Anna is having a fantastic time at the spa and she will bring Elsa with her next time she comes. Make the princesses beautiful using your amazing beautician skills. Have a marvelous time playing our brand new facial beauty game for girls!