Anna wants to become a tailor for her sister Elsa who needs a brand new dress for ballroom. Will Frozen Anna succeed in her tailor mission? Like any true tailor, she needs a fashion studio room. Help Anna clean up, decorate and fix the room. She needs her tailoring tools in perfect condition. Fix the measuring tape, scissors, mannequin, pins holder and sewing machine. Broom, mop and tidy the fashion studio. Continue Anna Tailor for Elsa game designing a gorgeous new dress for princess Elsa. Measure Elsa's body using the measuring tape. Cut and tailor the dress design using scissors, needle and thread. Anna wants to add some accessories to Elsa's dress which must be applied manually, without the use of the sewing machine. Finish the designer gown playing our brand new Anna Tailor for Elsa dress up game! Have a fabulous time!