Frozen Anna needs her sister Elsa and you, girls, to become young and beautiful again. What happened is that she turned an old lady overnight and only Elsa's rejuvenation magic is strong enough to restore her youth. What Anna wishes from you is to assist Elsa with the rejuvenation beauty treatment. It consists in two stages, facial and hair care. Elsa will use her magic to make beauty cosmetics appear while you apply them on the face and hair of her sister Anna. Begin the rejuvenation makeover with the facial beauty treatment. Cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate princess Anna's skin complexion using magic potions, lotions, creams and masks. The old age wrinkles will disappear by magic and the skin tone will recover its softness and smoothness. Rejuvenate the hair and nails next to complete the makeover. Enjoy playing our newest facial beauty game!