Anna is cooking dinner for her sweetheart Kristoff. She wants to surprise him with a delicious meal and dessert. What should she prepare for dinner? The Frozen princess does not have a real passion for cooking, but she is willing to learn. Spending time in the kitchen is not one of her hobbies. Make her change her mind with a few fun cooking lessons. Have a glance at her fridge and use the ingredients available to cook delicious food and dessert recipes together. What dinner suggestions do you have for Frozen Anna, so that she will be able to impress Kristoff? How about a pork steak or fish with veggies and mashed potatoes? There are also mushroom, potatoes, cheese, pepper, sausages and fruits in the fridge. Use the cooking tools to cut, fry, boil, bake or blend ingredients. Enjoy a real cooking time with Frozen princess Anna playing our brand new cooking game! Have fun!