Angela's closet is a complete fashion disaster. Items are scattered all over and Talking Angela cannot find anything in this huge mess. The problem is that she must get dressed for a party which starts in a couple of hours. The messy closet makes Angela anxious. Will she have enough time to clean it up and dress up for the party? Help Angela organize her closet spotting varied accessories that she will need to complete her elegant outfit. Can you find the pearls necklace, high heel shoes, lipstick, blush, butterfly hair pin, perfume and umbrella? There are a few more objects to search for, so get to work. Angela's closet looks much better now and the cute kitty cat can now concentrate on dressing up for the party. Dress up Talking Angela in a pretty dress, hat and jewels. It is an outdoor summer party, so that sassy umbrella will be an important accessory protecting her from the hot sun rays. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new dress up game!