Going to the dentist is not pleasant but necessary especially when you have terrible teeth pain and other dental problems. Talking Angela has a horrible toothache that does not go away with common pain killer pills. A visit to a real dentist is mandatory. Be Angela's real dentist and treat her toothache. Brush the teeth first with toothpaste and tooth brush. Rinse well with lots of water. Examine Talking Angela's teeth to figure out what the issue is. The cute kitty cat has a good dental hygiene, yet one molar is greatly damaged by caries. Treat the caries using the dentist tools available. Follow the clean up, treatment and healing steps demanded by such a dental intervention. A toothache is not something to toy with, so do your best to cure your kitty patient. Great job! Angela is feeling much better thanks to your amazing real dentist skills. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new dentist game!