Talking Tom and Angela are celebrating their wedding anniversary today. Angela wants to cook a surprise romantic dinner for her hubby. The fridge is stacked with food, veggies and fruits. There is fish, pork, beef, chicken, sausage and salami. The list continues with carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, cheese, apples and pears. What should Talking Angela cook for the anniversary dinner? Enjoy a real cooking time with Angela and give her some cooking suggestions. Show off your real cooking skills making a delicious fish plate with side boiled broccoli and carrots for example. How about a soup as first course, followed by pork or beef steak and mashed potatoes? Use the cooking ingredients and tools to prepare the most delicious dinner for Talking Angela and Tom. What do you have in store for dessert? Have a fabulous time playing our brand new cooking game! Check out Baby Barbie Cake Surprise and Baby Barbie Pizza Maker also!