Cute baby Agnes is an active and energetic little girl. She loves playing with her friends at the nearby park playground. An accident occurred today while she was rocking back and forth on the playground swing. She fell off and bruised her knees and face. The fall affected her teeth as well. As a result, Agnes is at the hospital now waiting to be treated for her playground accident wounds. Help the minion doctor clean, disinfect, treat and bandage the baby's injuries. She has bruises on her knees and scratches on her arm and cheek which can get infected if not properly dealt with. Apply an ointment cream before placing the bandages. Agnes complains of a terrible toothache, so have a look at her teeth as well. She has a broken tooth which must be pulled out and a few dental caries which must be taken care of. Restore the baby's healthy white smile and replace the broken tooth with a new one. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new baby game!