This college girl is having an afternoon coffee with her bffs in a couple of hours. She just came out of the shower and she must get ready. She usually takes her time to prepare when she goes out, but today time is not on her side and she must hurry up to get to the afternoon coffee place on time. She needs her make up and hair done quickly and she should not waste too much time dressing up either. Give the girl a beautiful afternoon coffee makeover, starting with a facial beauty treatment to cleanse and moisturize her face. Use foam cleanser, spot concealer, face mask, toner and cream. Next do her make up and style up her hair. Make her look pretty with a natural day make up and accessorize her hairdo with a chic hair band or hair pin. Dress her up in a stylish dress or a silky shirt and trousers, matching her outfit with a fancy jewelry set. Now the makeover is complete, so let the afternoon coffee party begin! Have a great time playing this new facial beauty game!