A picnic day in the park or in the countryside is the best idea for spending a lovely Sunday afternoon. Selena is a big fan of outdoor leisure time activities. She just called her friends to invite them to a chill out picnic day. They are thrilled about her initiative and cannot wait to get to the agreed picnic location. Selena risks not making there on time because she cannot decide on her outfit. She wants to wear that blue casual chic dress, but the low cleavage is not appropriate for this sort of event. How about a denim shirtdress combined with brown or nude flat sandals and a fashionable red hand bag which brings that necessary touch of color? A pretty shirt and denim shorts or baggy trousers is probably the best dress up alternative, keeping it comfy and laid back. Selena fancies a skirt and top combination as well, matched with high heel platforms. Don't forget to add a trendy sun hat and sunglasses to the winner outfit. Have fun playing our brand new dress up game for girls!